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Facial Treatments

Facial Treatments

At Racquel Aesthetics, we understand that there is an array of skin types, concerns, and variables to consider when treating skin.  By taking out the guesswork for you, we design each service to what you need at your appointment based on your goals and skin type.  We do not take a cookie-cutter approach to any facial that we offer.  Every service is designed for YOU by our experienced providers.



  • Custom & Corrective
  • Tailor-Made Hydrafacial
  • The Cowboy
  • The Teenager


Who should receive a facial treatment?

Facials are a great option for anyone that wants a clear, balanced complexion. They provide deep cleansing with the mixture of professional grade products, technology, and the knowledge of a professional esthetician who understands skin conditions and anatomy. Facials can maintain the health of skin, address and correct certain skin conditions, and improve the overall appearance and texture of your skin. Facials are available to both men and women of any age and those looking to combat specific skin issues.

How will I know which facial to choose?

Our team at Racquel Aesthetics are trained and licensed to properly identify various skin types, conditions, and the proper approach to each. Based on your consultation and a thorough skin analysis we will be able to suggest the best approach to reaching your skin care goals.